How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

Our neck gaiters are incredibly useful in a variety of configurations, so it’s high time to review just how to wear a neck gaiter. 

Highly adaptable and deliberately designed for adventure, BARE neck gaiters are the perfect bottom-of-the-bag supplement to every outing. From reef, to beach, to mountaintop, a cooling neck gaiter is often the perfect addition to your kit for when the wind/dust picks up, or your neck needs some shade.   

Perfect for a long day on the water, ski slopes, trails or while navigating the streams and waterways, the neck gaiter provides protection and offers peace of mind when out and about. BARE’s neck gaiters can be modified to suit any outdoor (or indoor) objective.

Cover your mouth, nose, neck and ears with this comfortable and multi-functional neck/headwear. Yet, with so much versatility, some of the more dynamic uses of the mission-ready neck gaiter can fall by the wayside. But never fear! 

We’ve put together a list and video of our neck gaiters’ top configurations. So no matter what the adventure demands, you’ll be ready to gaiter up!

Top 5 Ways to Wear Your Neck Gaiter

1.) Face Mask 

The classic neck gaiter configuration, simply pull the neck gaiter over your mouth and nose for protection from dust, wind and other elements. The Face Mask configuration is also good for keeping the sun off your neck during long days of solar exposure.  

2.) Sunguard

As the name implies, this configuration maximizes protection from the sun in tandem with a ballcap. To don, pull your neck gaiter over your head and chin, but let the top sit toward the back of your scalp. To lock it into place, put on a baseball cap or any other hat and be sure it fits snugly over the neck gaiter fabric to prevent slipping. 

3.) Hood

To wear your neck gaiter as a hood, pull the fabric over your head and situate the bottom snugly around the bottom of the chin. Pull the upper portion up around your scalp, leaving the majority of your face (nose, mouth, eyes) uncovered for total ease of breathing, rear skin protection and hair management. 

4.) Cap 

Ready in a snap to take on the duties of a beanie, the neck gaiter can easily become an insulative head covering when temps dip or you need a sweat collector. Just turn the gaiter inside out, spin in the middle, then fold one side in on the other to form a skull-cap ready for the chill of a crisp mountain run or frosty morning walk. 

5.) Balaclava

Easier than you’d imagine to form, the balaclava is highly useful when you want your entire scalp and neck covered, but also your nose and mouth. What’s Step #1? Apply the gaiter in the same way you’d do a hood, but once it’s fastened into the hood configuration, pull fabric from below your chin up over your nose to create a double complete head covering. For a visual demonstration, check out the video at 1:16 for a play-by-play demo!

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