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5MM Reactive Wetsuit

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reacting to the human element

The suit is made with scientifically proven Celliant® Infrared Technology - 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the fabric lining that convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back onto the diver. Medical studies have shown that infrared energy improves the body’s circulation. Increased circulation improves oxygen levels in the body, enabling you to use less energy, improving overall warmth and increasing your dive time.


Medical trials show that infrared energy improves circulation and increases tissue oxygen. The result? Celliant Infrared Technology helps conserve lost body heat and accelerate thermal recovery. Keeping you diving longer and recovering faster.

Seamingly perfect

The first dive wetsuit made without a single seam stitch, Reactive uses our patented No Stitch Technology (NST). NST isolates the body from the water eliminating seam leakage using taped seams inside and out. Using the power of Celliant ® Infrared Technology to insulate the body, combined with NST, this creates the world’s warmest dive wetsuit.

Features and Benefits

  • Velcro adjustment on collar features a booklet-style cover, to protect your suit from snags and pilling
  • Seamless underarms for superior comfort and mobility
  • Extra-long (21”) S-Lock2 back zipper with offset tooth design and PU coated zip tape guards against water entry
  • Skin-to-skin double internal sealing zipper flap
  • Full length puller with silicon print for easy grip; grip tab at base of the zipper
  • Extra-long (11”) heavy-duty ankle zippers for easy donning (7MM + 5MM only)
  • Armor Flex 2.0 highly flexible, durable, abrasion resistant 3-D kneepads
  • Anatomically correct pattern for three dimension fit throughout

Technical Specifications

  • ELASTEK FULL-STRETCH neoprene combined with CELLIANT® fabric for our highest degree of warmth, stretch and comfort
  • Reactive uses Celliant® Infrared technology to turn wasted body heat into usable infrared energy. The lining is enhanced with 13 thermoreactive minerals woven into the fabric of the wetsuit that react to your body heat converting it to infrared energy and reflecting it back to the body increasing circulation and body warmth.
  • Using our patented No Stitch Technology (NST) process, until now only found in our drysuits, Reactive is made without a single seam stitch keeping you drier, warmer and diving longer


United States

5mm Reactive – Very comfortable

Great Wetsuit. No complaints. Comfortable fit. Able to move around with no problem. Very warm.

Activity Diving in Kauai, HI
I would recommend this product Yes



Ridiculous Warmth

Spend an hour diving in my new suit… very comfortable down to 12c for that extended period of time. Only thing that stopped me from going deeper and colder were my gloves and hood… will buy the Reactive versions of those as soon as they are available… hint hint! The 5mm Reactive is as warm as the standard 7mm farmer john I had been using the week before… but with FAR less lead needed. Love it!
Activity Cold fresh water (10-14c) in Canada
I would recommend this product Yes




temp was 13 C. 42 min of easy dive. The warmest and best 5mm wetsuit I have ever tried. THANKS BARE

Activity Lake dive
I would recommend this product Yes

Dr. Phil


What a great wetsuit

I have had this wetsuit for about a year. It's great! It's been in caves in Mexico. 65m tec dives in Indonesia. Summer dives in California. It's even been in Lake Mead near Las Vegas. I am happy with it.

Activity Diving in several countries
I would recommend this product Yes

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