Perhaps it’s the closer connection to the water, or the higher degree of flexibility that drives you to dive wet. Whatever it is, we are right there with you. When choosing your wetsuit, there is more to consider than just water temperature. Factors such as type of diving, price, and personal tolerance should be well thought out before purchase.


Water temperature is the first step in choosing your wetsuit. Hypothermia can take hold faster than you know it, but the right wetsuit can stop it in its tracks. We help you narrow your search with the BAREFINDER. Simply input the water temperature you are diving in, and we’ll show you the recommended wetsuits.


We know from experience that a divers level of “cold” varies greatly. That’s why it’s important to consider your personal tolerance when purchasing a wetsuit. While some may consider 14°C/57°F to be 5mm wetsuit temperature, many of us would reach for the 7mm. Studies have shown that divers off-gas better when they are warm, so be aware of whether you run warm or cold.


The type of diving you’re doing can also impact your body temperature. Drift diving requires almost no effort, and therefore a diver will feel the effects of heat loss faster than someone fighting a strong current. Consider your typical effort level while diving, and adjust your wetsuit accordingly.












We believe there should be a wetsuit for every diver, regardless of budget. That’s why we programmed the BAREFINDER to help you narrow your search based on both budget and water temperature.


Donning and doffing accessories based on your current water activity is a great way to give you more flexibility and comfort. Hoods and vests can add warmth to your core, and thicker boots and gloves can help fight off hypothermia—even in warm water. Knowing the types of diving you plan to do, and gearing up your dive kit accordingly before you hit the water help to ensure more safe, comfortable and enjoyable dives.




We are water lovers, and most days you’ll find us doing something in connection with it. However, not all wetsuits are made for multiple watersports. If you find yourself ditching your dive plans at the last minute because the surf is up, consider a multi-sport wetsuit such as the Sport S-Flex or the Limited Edition, for less specific, more versatile performance.

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