ExoWear is designed to provide you with the highest level of protection from the elements. You can help your new suit maintain its industry-leading standards of protection and comfort with a few simple tips.


Hand wash in cool, fresh water.  

If machine-washed, use cold water + delicate cycle + mild detergent periodically.



Hang inside-out on a padded plastic or wooden hanger, away from direct sunlight, after every use. 

When dry, store on a padded hanger or lay flat.



Avoid exposure to harsh detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners.  

Don’t use chlorine.  

Keep out of sunlight.  

Avoid Velcro.  

Never use a dryer, iron or dry clean. Your top will shrink and stiffen.  

Keep away from sharp objects and abrasive surfaces.  

Don and doff with care. Don’t snag or stress your top.