Women’s bodies are built differently than men’s; their dive suits should be too. The industry standard has always been to start with a men’s suit, shrink the size, adjust the color scheme, and market it as a women’s specific suit. But we’re not a company that is satisfied with the industry standard, and we were not satisfied with this one. 


Try on one of our suits and you’ll know. We understand that fit is one of the most important elements of a successful and enjoyable dive, and there’s no better way to guarantee that we’re mastering fit, than to have complete control over the creation process. Before each of our suits reaches the rack at your dive shop, we’ve analyzed every zipper, seam, and strap to make sure we’re creating suits that fit the body of a female diver. We even work closely with several professional dive women to dial in fit and function on our more technical suits, to make sure that we’re not overlooking a single detail. Our suits wear comfortably, stretch naturally, and offer unparalleled range of motion.
WE CREATE EVERY SUIT INTENTIONALLY, TO GIVE ITS WEARER THE BEST POSSIBLE FITMany of our wet and dry suits come in both men’s and women’s versions. And while we use the same premium materials and innovative craftsmanship for all of our wet and dry suits—like Celliant® Infrared Technology, Proprietary Bilaminate and Trilaminate Blends, and Seam Welded and No Stitch Technologies—that is where the similarities end. For our female suits, our all-female design team gathers inspiration from activewear, fashionwear, and the arena of extreme sports to create inspired and inspiring designs that complement the female form, providing a snug, high performance fit, in and out of the water.
8/7 Velocity Ultra
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5mm Nixie Full
Designed Around You
Inspired by sleek slimming design lines
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3/2mm Elate Full
Celebrate Adventure
When it comes to exposure protection, fit is everything.
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5mm Nixie Ultra Full
Warmth. Fit. Performance.
A new and improved stylish and versatile wetsuit featuring OMNIRED™
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